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Lambs Wool Applicators

Item #: 497 
  • For Use With Stains, Wax, Lacquer, Sealer, Polyurethane, Shellac, Oil-Modified Urethane
  • Available With Wood Block
  • Block Is Made Of Solid Hardwood With Two Wing Nuts To Hold Pad In Place
  • Block Has Threaded Hole For Use With A Pole
  • Pad Refills Also Available
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SKU Number Size (IN) Type Price Quantity Add to Cart
497B10 10 Pads With Wood Block
497B12 12 Pads With Wood Block
497B14 14 Pads With Wood Block
497B16 16 Pads With Wood Block
497B18 18 Pads With Wood Block
497P10 10 Pad Refills
497P12 12 Pad Refills
497P14 14 Pad Refills
497P16 16 Pad Refills
497P18 18 Pad Refills