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Steel Wool Reels

Item #: 454 
  • Wide Range Of Grades For Many Applications
  • High Quality- Provides Consistent Scratch Pattern
  • Smooth, Soft, Consistent
  • Cut To Size As Needed
  • Excellent Fluid Retention
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SKU Number Grade Application Price Quantity Add to Cart
454SUPFIN 0000 Super-Fine Buffs Final Finish On Fine Woodwork, Shellac, Lacq
454EXTFIN 000 Extra-Fine Buffs cabinet work, auto metal, new wax finish. Po
454VRYFIN 00 Very-Fine Buffs final finish on painted trim. Cleans golf cl
454MEDIUM 1 Medium Cleans linoleum, rubber floors, and tire whitewall
454MEDCRS 2 Medium-Coarse Cleans glass, brick, rough metal, or stone surface
454COARSE 3 Coarse Removes old paint and varnish, gouges and furrows
454EXTCRS 4 Extra-Coarse Removes toughest rust, dirt, old paint, and varnis