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Type 1 Stationary Saw Cut-Off Wheels

Heat Treated Alum Oxide - For Ferrous Metals, Stainless Steel
Item #: 6002 
  • Heat Treated Aluminum Oxide Grain For Cutting All Metals Including Stainless Steel
  • Type 1 - For Use in Stationary Saw
  • Specifically Engineered To Handle High Torque And Tough Cutting Applications
  • High Strength Phenolic Resin Bond For Extended Wheel Life
  • High Strength Double Reinforced
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  • Do Not Use Chop Saw Wheels In Stationary Saws
  • PT-COW

    Power Tool
    Stationary Saw
    Type 1
    Grain Type
    Heat Treated Aluminum Oxide
    Material Application
    Ferrous Metals, Including Stainless Steel
    SKU Number Dia x Width x Arbor (IN) Max RPM Power Tool Grain Material to Cut Price Quantity Add to Cart
    600200 14 x 1/8 x 1 4400 Stationary Saw Heat Treated Aluminum Oxide Ferrous Metals in Stainless Steel