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Gas Saw Cut-Off Wheels - Triple Reinforced

General Purpose For Ferrous Metals
Item #: 607 
  • Aluminum Oxide Grain For Cutting Ferrous Metals
  • Type 1 - For Use In Portable Gas Saw
  • General Purpose
  • High Strength Triple Reinforced Withstands The Toughest Applications
  • Engineered For Use In Gas Saws - More Rigidity, Less Flexibility
  • Available With 1" Arbor or 20mm Arbor To Accomodate All Gas Saws
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BruteLube Cutting Fluid

  • Extends Tool Life And Reduces Chip Welding During Metal Drilling, Reaming, Cutting And Tapping
  • Continuous Shield Against Friction And Heat
  • Provides Precision Finish With Closer Tolerances On Finished Work
  • Use On Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, And Exotic Alloys
  • OSHA Compliant - Does Not Contain 1,1,1 Trichlorethane
  • Chemically Acceptable For Use In Machine Shops Operating Under The Federal Meat And Poultry Products Inspection Program
Brute Platinum

Solid Carbide End Mills

4 Flute, Double End
  • 4 Flute - Double End - Center Cutting - Right Hand Helix
  • For General Purpose Milling Of Difficult Abrasive And Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Rigid Construction Results In Minimal Deflection
  • 4 Flute Design Provides Good Wear Resistance For Excellent Size Control

HSS End Mills

2 Flute, Double End
  • 2 Flute - Double End - Center Cutting - Right Hand Helix

Cobalt End Mills

4 Flute, Double End
  • 2 Flute - Double End - Center Cutting - Right Hand Helix
  • For Milling Keyways, Slots And Pockets In High Tensile Martensitic Stainless Steels and Tough Materials
  • Plunge Cut, Slot, Pocket
  • Cobalt Resists Heat Of Tough Materials For Effective Tool Operation And Long Tool Life
SKU Number Dia x Width x Arbor (IN) Max RPM Power Tool Price Quantity Add to Cart
607010 12 x 1/8(5/32) x 1 6300 Portable Gas Saw
607020 12 x 1/8(5/32) x 20mm 6300 Portable Gas Saw
607030 14 x 1/8(5/32) x 1 5400 Portable Gas Saw
607040 14 x 1/8(5/32) x 20mm 5460 Portable Gas Saw