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Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

Item #: RMX7 
  • Perfect Clean Up Tool For Any Workshop, Job Site, Or Machine Shop
  • Heavy Duty Magnet Easily Picks Up Metal Chips And Shavings
  • Ideal Tool For Steel Fabricators To Safely Clean Up Metal Plugs 
  • Recommended For Use With RotoBrute Magnetic Drill Press Systems
  • Operating Guidelines: Hover Magnet Over Metal Pieces, Move RMX7 Over Receptacle Bin, Pull Handle Back To Release Metal

Warning: Cancer & Reproductive Harm. See P65warnings.ca.gov for more info.
Cutting tools may shatter. Always wear appropriate safety equipment.

Carbide Tipped Annular Cutter Set

1-3/8" Depth Of Cut
  • Includes Sizes 13/16, 15/16, 1-1/16 + Pilot Pin
  • Outperform Standard HSS Annular Cutters 6:1
  • For Use With RotoBrute Magnetic Drill Press Systems And Most Other Mag Drill Systems
  • Drill Large Diameter Holes In Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, And Other Tough Or Exotic Alloys Up To 1-3/8 In Depth
  • Ultra-Hard Carbide Teeth And Triple-Edge Cutting System Cut Fast, Bur-Free Holes
  • Pilot Pin Ejects Metal Plug For High Producion Drilling
  • Use BruteLube Fluid Or Wax For Enhanced Heat Resistance And Longer Tool Life
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RB30 LittleBrute Magnetic Drill Press

Low Profile
  • Low Profile Magnetic Drill Press
  • Ideal For Drilling Hard To Access Areas, Inside Beam Flanges, Truck Frames, Truck Wheel Arches, And More
  • Cutter Capacity: 1-3/8" Diameter, 1-3/16" Depth of Cut
  • Weight: 23 lbs- Easy To Maneuver On Any Job Site
  • Motor Power: 1100 Watt
  • Motor Speed: 650 RPM
  • Magnetic Strength: 3300 lbs
  • Built-In Quick Change Arbor For Fast, Productive Cutter Change
  • Accepts Standard Annular Cutters With 3/4 In. Weldon Shank Weldon Shank
  • Handle Can Be Removed For Use On either Side Of Drill Press
  • LED Light For Improved Visibility
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SB35 SmartBrute Magnetic Drill Press

  • Semi-Automatic Magnetic Drill Press
  • Engineered For Optimal Productivity On Your Job Site
  • Smart: Automatic Power Feed Technology Increases Productivity Due To Consistent Drilling And Increased Cutter Life
  • Safe: Cycle Stop Sensor Shuts Off Motor Automatically After Hole Is Cut
  • Fast: Controlled Feed Rates Optimize Drill And Annular Cutter Life
  • Flexible: Can Be Used In Auto Or Manual Mode
  • Arbor: 3/4" Set Screw Arbor For Use With Standard 3/4 In. Weldon Shank Annular Cutters
  • Cutter Capacity: Auto-feed: 1-3/16" Diameter x 1-3/4" Depth of Cut, Manual feed: 1-3/8" Diameter x 2" Depth of Cut
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    BruteLube Cutting Wax

    • Extends Tool Life And Reduces Chip Welding During Metal Drilling, Reaming, Cutting And Tapping
    • Wax Reduces Mess- Clings To Tool For A Continuous Shield Against Friction And Heat
    • Provides Precision Finish With Closer Tolerances On Finished Work
    • Use On Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, And Exotic Alloys
    Brute Platinum
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