SDS-Max Chisels

Various Head Styles
Item #: CM96-CHISEL 
  • Demolition Chisels
  • For High Performance Masonry Removal In Electric Power Tools
  • Popular Applications Are Road Construction, Pavement Work, Bridge Construction, Utility Installation, Demolition And Other Maintenance Functions
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Warning: Cancer & Reproductive Harm. See for more info.
Cutting tools may shatter. Always wear appropriate safety equipment.


Shank Type

Rebar Cutters

  • Quickly Penetrate Rebar Embedded In Concrete
  • Ultra-Sharp Carbide Teeth For Fast Drilling
  • Unique Flutes And Slot Design For Enhanced Material Removal
  • For Convenient Use In SDS-Plus Hammer Drills- Run In Rotary Mode Only
  • Do Not Use To Drill Concrete- Follow Three Step Operating Guidelines For Proper Use
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Hammer Core Bits

Heavy Duty, SDS-Max or Spline
  • Drill Large Diameter Holes In Concrete And Hard Masonry Materials
  • Ultra-Sharp Carbide Teeth Penetrate Materials Quickly
  • Centering Bit Centers Hole For Accurate Drilling
  • External Spiral Flutes Optimize Dust Removal
  • SDS-Max Or Spline Shank Adaptors For Use In Rotary Hammer Drills
  • Operate In Percussion Or Rotary Mode
  • 11 In Extension Available For Applications Where Reach Is Required

SDS-Max Hammer Bits

Heavy Duty
  • Drill Concrete And Other Hard Masonry Materials Quickly And Accurately
  • Ultra-Hard Carbide 4 Cutter Cross-Head Penetrates Rebar
  • Heat Treated Body For Long Tool Life
    Reinforced Core For Reduced Vibration
  • Reinforced Flutes For Better Dust Extraction
  • For Use In SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drills

Floor Scrapers

Heavy Duty
  • Industrial Quality
  • Remove Residential And Commercial Floors
  • Remove Ceramic Tile, Thinset, Carpet Adhesive, VCT, Wood Floors, Vinyl Flors, Epoxy Floors, Mast, Tile Adhesive
SKU Number Chisel Type Chisel Dimensions Package Quantity Price Quantity Add to Cart
CM96-01 Bull Point 11 Each
CM96-02 Bull Point 12 Each
CM96-03 Bull Point 16 Each
CM96-04 Bull Point 18 Each
CM96-05 Flat 1x11 Each
CM96-06 Flat 1x12 Each
CM96-07 Flat 1x16 Each
CM96-08 Flat 1x18 Each
CM96-09 Flat 1x24 Each
CM96-10 Scaler 1-5/8x12 Each
CM96-11 Scaler 2x12 Each
CM96-12 Scaler 3x12 Each
CM96-13 Mortar 1-1/8x12 Each
CM96-14 Slotter 1-1/4x12 Each
CM96-15 Scraper 2x12 Each
CM96-16 Gouge 1x12 Each
CM96-17 Ground Rod Driver 3/4x10 Each
CM96-18 Bushing Tool Complete 1-3/4x10 Each
CM96-19 Bushing Tool Shank Only 16 Each
CM96-20 Bushing Tool Head Only 16 Teeth Each
CM96-21 Asphalt Cutter 5x10 Each
CM96-22 Clay Spade N/A Each
CM96B-01 Bull Point 11 20/Box
CM96B-02 Bull Point 12 20/Box
CM96B-03 Bull Point 16 20/Box
CM96B-04 Bull Point 18 20/Box
CM96B-05 Flat 1x11 20/Box
CM96B-06 Flat 1x12 20/Box
CM96B-07 Flat 1x16 20/Box
CM96B-08 Flat 1x18 20/Box